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Leo 2014 Horoscope

Leo 2014 Horoscope

Astrological Predictions for the Leo Zodiac Sign 2014


The first half of 2014 is not very eventful for Leo, but this changes in July, when the planet Jupiter enters the Zodiac sign. For the rest of the year, lots of good things are to be expected.

       Jupiter is the planet of luck and opportunity. It moves slowly through the Zodiac, so it takes twelve years for it to return to Leo. That means the blessings it brings in 2014 are rare and make a significant difference.

Jupiter in Leo 2014

Under the influence of Jupiter, Leo will be blessed by good fortune even against bad odds. Things that are expected to be difficult get solved with ease, and there are a number of pleasant surprises. Simply put, the second half of 2014 is a period when Leo is lucky.

       That's particularly true for matters that lead to personal success, things that make people born in this Zodiac sign shine.

Jupiter in Leo 2014.
The planet Jupiter enters the Leo Zodiac sign in July 2014, bringing luck and plenty of opportunities for people born in this sign to shine.

       Of course, it differs from one Leo to another, depending on their personal horoscope charts. Especially, the field of life where this luck will be the most evident is shown by the personal horoscope. But for each Leo, chances are great that 2014 will be most generous and fortunate.

Leo's Economy in 2014

Normally, Zodiac sign astrology can say very little about somebody's financial expectations. For that, the complete horoscope chart is needed. But when Jupiter enters Leo in July of 2014, it should bring some money as well. If not immediate cash, so at least golden opportunities to make profit on whatever projects open up.

       Jupiter is a bank with generous interest rates. At the very least, Leo shouldn't have to worry about economic hardship during the second half of 2014.

New Thoughts for a New Time

Other good things are to be expected in 2014, although not as important as what Jupiter accomplishes. Uranus is in Aries in 2014, and that Zodiac sign is at the positive trine aspect to Leo. This means that the intellectual stimulation and innovative thoughts the planet inspires for Aries will be beneficial for Leo, too.

       It's not that Leo is directly involved so much in the thought process, but the conclusions it leads to are such that Leo will agree with them and therefore sort of indirectly learn from them as well.

       New thoughts for a new age. Leo appreciates the mental stimulation of it all. And it's a long process. Uranus entered Aries already at the end of 2011 and will remain in the sign until 2019. Through these many years, the learning and understanding of our world goes through exciting changes, and Leo is delighted.

Leo Benefits from Reform

In the 2014 New Year horoscope chart, Leo also has a sextile aspect to the planet Mars in the Zodiac sign Libra. Sextiles are positive and creative aspects, causing concrete results. Mars in Libra means that there are forces reexamining what's right and wrong, making some of those values change and making sure that they are respected.

       This, too, benefits sort of from a distance, since Leo is not exactly involved in the process, but supports it and the results it leads to.

       Mars moves much quicker than Uranus, so this influence passes much more quickly within the first few months of 2014. But that also means it will be more evident and concrete, though not necessarily of historical significance.

       Leo benefits from the reform that Mars initiates in 2014 starting already at the end of 2013. Things get done and sorted out, and these things facilitate life for any Leo.

The Leo Home Remains a Castle

Much of what 2014 is about concerns people's homes and family life. That's because of the cluster of planets in Capricorn and the Fourth House of the 2014 world horoscope chart. Increased attention and resources are devoted to homes and families. Ambitious projects are commenced, making the home life more and more important, as if that's what life is all about.

       For Leo, though, this change in society is not that central. Leo is hesitant to make the family what life is about, but sticks to an individualistic view. In Leo's eyes, a family is little more than a number of individuals in some kind of alliance. The home, on the other hand, can and should be a castle.

The 2014 World Horoscope

The complete 2014 world horoscope chart, based on Greenwich at Midnight, the first of January, 2014. Click on it for a bigger image. Click here to read more about the 2014 world horoscope predictions:

The 2014 World Horoscope

       Although the Capricorn events focus on home life, especially in 2014 but to some extent every year of this modern era, Leo is somehow ignorant of this and almost unaffected. At home there's business as usual, which more often than not means that it circles around Leo.

       The changes that society will inflict on families and their homes are only slowly and vaguely affecting Leo homes. In the long run, Leo will adapt, but that's a process so slow it is hardly noticeable.

Leo Worries in 2014

There are some complications in Leo's life 2014. The most annoying one may be caused by the planet Saturn in the Scorpio Zodiac sign. That shows some frustrating unrest, as if from a hidden threat, worrying most people in society 2014. It did so already in 2012 and 2013 as well, since Saturn was in the same sign those years, too.

       Saturn is the planet of duty and grim powers that need to be respected. In Scorpio they are hidden from view, which makes them even more threatening, although the harm they can inflict is unknown and uncertain. Leo feels the anticipation, as do most people, but to this Zodiac sign the threat is more concrete. Leo can see and feel what complications may follow, and what sacrifices may be necessary.

       And Leo is not amused, to say the least. Some of the threats are to integrity, which is something holy to everyone born in this Zodiac sign. Also, there are forces sort of pushing people into some or other kind of hiding. And Leo is certainly not much for hiding.

       These are strange times - 2014 as well as the two previous years. There's nervousness about society, leading to overreactions driven by impulse. And that only leads to increased uncertainty. In January 2015, this dark cloud will dissolve. But until then, Leo often finds reason for hesitation, although the exact causes are unclear.

Still, Good Things Come to Leo 2014

Even though there are some complications, Leo's 2014 is mainly lucky, because of Jupiter entering the Zodiac sign in the summer. The sun will really shine on Leo in the season that is always the one this Zodiac sign enjoys the most.

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