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Leo 2015 Horoscope

Leo 2015 Horoscope

Astrological Predictions for the Leo Zodiac Sign 2015


At New Year 2015, the planet Jupiter is in Leo, which brings good luck and plenty of opportunities for those born I the Leo Zodiac sign. This good start makes the whole year a fortunate one for Leo.

       Jupiter is retrograde in the 2015 New Year horoscope, which means that seen from earth the planet seems to go backwards. In astrology, retrograde movement is regarded as nuancing and weakening that planet's power. So, Leo's luck in 2015 is there, but not as great as it will be when the retrograde movement reverses.

Lucky Months for Leo

That happens in early April. The 8th, to be exact. Then Jupiter will move prograde (also called direct), which is forward through the Zodiac. It leaves Leo on August 11, moving on to Virgo. Then the Leo luck is over and it will take twelve years before Jupiter returns to the sign.

       Because of this retrograde movement within Leo, Jupiter stays in the sign quite long. It entered the Zodiac sign in mid-July 2013, so half of that year was also very lucky for Leo.

Jupiter in Leo 2015.
The planet Jupiter is in the Leo Zodiac sign until August 2015, bringing Leo lots of opportunities for success.

The Jupiter power is one of creating expansion and multitude. Mainly it means that Leo has lots of opportunities for personal success. All kinds of things tend to go Leo's way, without much effort or worry.

       Jupiter's presence in the Leo Zodiac sign is the most important astrological influence for Leo in 2015.

Leo Ignores Disputes

At New Year of 2015, Jupiter has an opposition aspect (180) to Mars in Aquarius. That means there are discussions, even quarrels and disputes, but Leo pretty much ignores them because of so much good happening.

       Why be distracted by the nitty-gritty, when all those fine opportunities keep appearing? Especially since Leo wouldn't agree at all with what is being suggested in those disputes. Leo doesn't even see the need for the discussions or the importance of their subject.

       Anyway, the opposition to Mars is gone within a week, and so is that New Year quarrel. Leo can't see that it's anything to be bothered with, although others are provoked by Leo not getting involved. And there are things of some importance that Leo misses, because of not participating.

A Dissatisfactory New Year

Jupiter also has a square aspect (90) to the moon in Taurus, at New Year of 2015. But the moon moves so quickly through the Zodiac, this aspect is little more than a moment of irritation about some practical thing not really fitting, or not really living up to expectations.

       It could be as simple as fireworks failing at New Year midnight. Or a New Year celebration just not as sensational as was hoped for.

The 2015 World Horoscope
The complete 2015 world horoscope chart, based on Greenwich at New Year 2015. Click on it for a bigger image. Click this link to read more about:

The 2015 World Horoscope

The moon passes through the whole Zodiac in just a month, so its effect is not that sensational. Still and especially with its position in the New Year horoscope it has a noticeable emotional effect.

       Leo will feel frustrated, for a day or so, because of some kind of failure. Since the moon is in Taurus, Leo will probably want something that is for the moment out of reach, or more complicated to get than it should be.

       But again, it's over in a day. It's just a bother that it takes some of the joy out of Leo's New Year.

Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow

Not only 2015, but from late 2011 to early 2019, the planet Uranus is in Aries, which is in a trine aspect (120) to Leo. That's a positive influence, creative and inspiring.

       Uranus is the power of advanced thought, discovery and innovation. In Aries it is particularly persistent to cause change change of minds, of ideas, of how to look at life and the world we live in.

       Aries is a challenger, so Uranus will make old ideas get challenged and thrown out, old knowledge revised, and old perspectives on just about everything questioned. It opens for new mentalities and radical new thinking.

       Leo is happy about this, participating with delight and inspiration. Leo can see that these fresh winds will improve a lot of things, especially by stimulating much needed reform and increased wisdom thanks to old concepts losing their worth.

       To Leo, it's like an intellectual cleaning of sorts, making human mentality and thought shine clearer, as if layers of dust are removed.

       Uranus moves slowly through the Zodiac, which is why it stays several years in Aries, in a trine aspect to Leo. It also means that the Uranus effect is the most strong on those Leos born with the sun in a trine position to Uranus. For them, it is indeed a period of personal enlightenment.

       For the Leos born in July, that's from late 2011 to early 2015. For the Leos born in early August, it's from 2015 to 2016, and for the Leos born in mid-August it's 2016 to early 2019.

       Every Leo will feel it all the time, but it's the strongest according to the above. That's when each Leo will take a mental leap towards a new understanding of things.

Leo Breaks Out of the Chains

Another important planet with an aspect to the Leo Zodiac sign in 2015 is Saturn in Sagittarius. That's also a trine (120). At New Year the planet is at the very beginning of Sagittarius, by its cusp.

       Saturn is the planet of duty and the mighty forces guarding it. It's a severe power that one should respect. Usually, it works to keep traditions and maintain obligations.

       But now it has entered Sagittarius, which is the sign of freedom and independence. That's quite contradictory: duty against freedom, obligations against independence. So, the planet's power will be sort of frustrated and its expressions rather confusing.

       Saturn will make chains break and locked doors open, contrary to what it usually does. It will give a general sense in society of duty being to free people from duty, and order needing many exceptions to function.

       Leo can definitely agree with that. What's the point of preserving society if it's at the cost of human benefit from it? When people have a hard time adapting to the rules and demands of civilization, it is the latter that must yield. Society is for the people, not the other way around.

       And Leo is personally determined not to let old rules and restrictions prevent what is the most important thing of all to Leo: self-realization. So, this Sagittarian Saturn is right up Leo's alley.

       Saturn moves rather slowly, taking almost 30 years to go through the whole Zodiac. So it stays in Sagittarius from late December 2014 to mid-December 2017, almost precisely three years.

       During 2015, those Leos born in July will feel it the most, breaking free of old chains and allowing themselves changes in their lives that would earlier have been unacceptable. In 2016, this will happen to the Leos born early August, and in 2017 those born in min-August.

       Every Leo will experience this liberating process during the whole Saturn in Sagittarius period, but they take their major steps when Saturn is at the same position in Sagittarius as their sun is in Leo of their birth chart.

Out with the Old

One of the planets mentioned above, Mars in Aquarius, is worth following through the year. It has a special relation to Leo, since its fiery nature and force fits fine in this sign, belonging to the element fire.

       I have mentioned what Mars is doing at New Year. As it moves on through the Zodiac, it reaches Uranus in Aries in mid-March, forming a conjunction aspect with it. Mars is the ruler of Aries, so it is particularly strong there.

       That's the time when new ideas burst forth and challenge antiquated ones. It is quite noisy, and not without struggle, even fighting. But the outcome is certain. Out with the old, in with the new. Leo cheers, thinking that it's not a day too soon.

       The event lasts mere days, but the effect in the minds of Leos as well as others will remain for long.

       At about the same time, Venus is also passing over Uranus, making problems easier to solve and new ideas easier to established, in spite of initial resistance.

Hard Work for Leo

In the beginning of April, Mars enters Taurus, causing some materialistic problems for Leo. Work doesn't work as well as usual. Things break or malfunction and are difficult to repair.

       It's not the end of the world, but Leo is frustrated by the difficulties all of a sudden with things usually working fine. What is normally effortless becomes surprisingly troublesome.

       But persistence leads to success, and at the outcome things are better than they were beforehand. By mid-May Mars has left Taurus and things get easier again.

Leo Gets a Lot of Things Done

On August 8th 2015, Mars enters Leo, to stay there until late September. In this period, Leo will feel very invigorated, with loads of energy to do just about anything.

       The planet Mars thrives in Leo, so it is a good period for those born in that Zodiac sign. They will get lots of things done, even quickly solve problems that used to be just too much.

       Mars passes through Leo every year and a half, so it's not a life-changing thing. But Leo truly enjoys this period of endless energy and heightened capacity. Make the most of it!

A Fortunate Year for Leo 2015

Summing it up, 2015 is a fortunate year for Leo especially April to August. Thanks to the planet Jupiter in the sign, Leo has lots of opportunities for great success. And thanks to Mars, Leo will have a boast of energy in August and September, getting lots of things done.

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